Gavin Campion

Professional Overview

About Gavin Campion

Gavin Campion is well-known for his ability to revitalise established firms, in addition to his renowned reputation as a startup entrepreneur. Gavin has a diversified portfolio of profitable initiatives in the worlds of branding, video technology, marketing, consumer loyalty programs, and software creation, unlike his peers, who typically specialise in a single field.

Gavin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing with Honors from Huddersfield University in the United Kingdom. He chose this school of their revolutionary desire to be the first to include marketing within undergraduate programmes. To this day, Huddersfield continues to be at the forefront of MarTech innovation.

After returning to Australia, Gavin established his own marketing services firm. His business, Reality Group, flourished under Gavin’s command and was named Australian Agency of the Year. Gavin’s team attracted top advertising clients like Saab, BP, Tabcorp, and General Motors. After selling his firm for a profit several years later, Gavin shifted his focus to the B2B retail industry.

Gavin purchased two businesses: Shoppers Advantage and Presidential Card. While both companies existed in the same retail rewards space, Gavin maximised each individually at first. He rewrote Shoppers Advantage’s business strategy to include a very successful SaaS-based e-commerce platform as CEO and Chairman. Gavin took on the Director role for the sister company, Presidential Card, and turned the allure of an elite lifestyle benefits program into one of Australia’s biggest online discount systems. After several years, Gavin integrated Presidential Card with Strategic Rewards, acquiring numerous additional market participants along the way. In the world of incentive marketing, this now-united conglomerate became a force to be reckoned with. 

Gavin Campion also served as the founder and CEO of Sputnik Agency, a digital marketing services firm. Clients included Skype, GSK, Visit Scotland, GoCompare, and Swinton Insurance, and his business specialised in developing and executing enterprise-level web-based and mobile projects. Gavin guided the firm to become Australia’s leading digital marketing services provider, and Sputnik Agency was named B&T Agency of the Year in 2007. 

Gavin’s work has taken him around the world through Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East. He currently spends most of his time at home in Melbourne, Australia. Gavin is also an avid art collector and gallery investor in his spare time. 

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