When showing up to live events or watching them stream online, attendees may not comprehend just how much work was put into producing the ordeal. However, all event planners understand the complexity that comes with their role and all the behind-the-scenes action that made the production possible. One necessary component of event production is audiovisual (AV) equipment, a.k.a. the media devices and gadgets that have to do with audio and visuals.

The list of AV equipment necessary to produce a successful live event may seem overwhelming, but by partnering with the correct supplier, you’ll rid yourself of the stress of pulling all these pieces together. Listed below are the vital pieces of equipment an AV supplier will bring to the table.

  • Video Cameras – This equipment is a vital piece of the live event puzzle, as it will allow for live streaming both to online viewers and to individuals in further rows who may need to peer at the screen for an enlarged view of the speaker or performer.
  • Sound System – Many event spaces may have an in-house sound system of some sort, but it might be wise to mooch off of your supplier’s portable sound system as well. It’s good to have backups in case of emergencies, especially as this basic piece of equipment is essential to running your event.
  • Microphones – Similar to the sound system, microphones are also a mandatory part of any live event, or else your audience will not be able to hear past the first row. There are various types of microphones to choose from, courtesy of your AV supplier.
  • Screens and Projectors – Depending on the location of your event, you may need to consult your supplier to determine whether you will need screens and projectors at all. Determine your audience size, as well as the size of the venue, to see what dimensions will best suit your event.
  • Lighting – Lighting plays a huge factor in your event’s success, especially if this lighting produces any special effects during a show or performance. As you scout locations for your event, choose one that has in-house lighting equipment or has spaces for suppliers to insert their equipment.

AV equipment is just as essential to a live event as the event planner themselves. Whether using a supplier for corporate events or large-scale productions, the quality and presence of this gear contribute significantly to the overall success and reception of your event.