About 60% of employees in the United States tend to focus on their work more than anything else in their lives due to the desire to thrive professionally. However, this desire causes them to neglect their well-being. Creating a balance between one’s career and personal life has become more challenging, especially with the new structure of the post-pandemic workday.


Why Work-life Balance is Vital

Research indicates that workaholics experience fatigue, stress, burnout, and health issues, which further affect their productivity and well-being. Achieving a healthy work-life balance improves a person mentally, physically, and emotionally. It enables workers to re-energize and spend more time on their hobbies and their loved ones. A healthy balance also boosts one’s productivity at work.

Most people assume that remote working is an effective way of achieving work-life balance. However, sometimes it is not the case. For example, it requires the employee to multitask and deal with multiple distractions outside the office. These factors affect their productivity and ability to separate their work from personal lives.


Achieving Work-life Balance

Working away from the company’s office during the pandemic has made it difficult for employees to transition between work life and home life. This means that work-life balance is currently a challenge.

The following techniques can help employees, managers, and organizational leaders solve this issue.


Combining Work with Social or Leisure Activities

Employees can complete their work as they do something that relaxes their bodies. For example, it is possible to be in a virtual meeting and at the same time go for a walk. Leaders should also consider spacing out zoom meeting to give their subordinates time to rest or interact with their families.


Allocate Time for every Task

Employees should ensure that they have adequate time for every activity that they need to accomplish. This technique prevents distractions and increases their productivity in their work.


Define Work Hours

Employees experience challenges separating work from their personal time when working from their homes. The solution to this issue is to determine the right time to complete any work-related activity.


Connect with Friends and Colleagues

Setting aside time to spend time with friends or colleagues during lunch, vacation, or virtual parties is refreshing.

In summary, a healthy work-life balance is beneficial for employees, leaders, and organizations in general.